Your Guide to Sleeping in an Airport

This infographic is close to my heart. When I’m not exploring the dream world, I love to travel and explore the Earth. Quite often, I find myself needing to catch a few zzzz’s and my only option is sleeping in an airport!

Save the expense of  a day pass to a frequent flier lounge. This infographic provides everything you need to know about sleeping in an airport! You’ll learn:

  • The best airports to sleep in
  • Where to find the best snooze spots
  • How to stay safe
  • How to get comfortable
  • What to pack in your travel bag
  • How to create a makeshift bed
  • What gadgets can help you sleep better
  • All about Sleep Pods

Ready to find out the best tips and tricks for sleeping in the airport? Read on…

Sleeping in an airport

Sleeping in an Airport: Final Thoughts

Sleeping in an airport makes for a great travel adventure.  I love having extended layovers in large cities where I can explore the shops and grab a bite to eat.  And when I’m tired, there’s nothing like a good airport snooze.  I’ve done it all: scouted out reclining chairs and pulled up a couch.

Enjoy your snooze… and Happy Dreaming!

It’s your turn, Dreamer

I always love hearing from you.  Have you had any memorable experiences sleeping in airports? Leave a comment below and share your stories…

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