Small House, Windows Open, Grass Green but Long

I have an Angel in the form of a man I knew when I was but a child. He came in a dream twice to my daughter about me.

The first night was just like I’m a meeting, we hug like old friends, me looking like I do now and we started chatting. She could not hear anything we said but she had the feeling that he wanted to show her he knew me and it is safe and okay. She also said it was like looking at a still movie.

The next night she dreamt again but this time after we hugged he indicated that I should walk with him, which I did. He took me to an old type of house, we did not go in. We talked again but she could hear nothing. It was like he indicated that he wanted me to take care of the house and fix it. The windows where open, and blowing in the wind. The garden was not dead just unkept (green grass but long). Nobody was inside the house and she could not recognize the house or surrounding area.

When my daughter told me about it I asked her how she felt when she saw ua in her dream and she said safe, not afraid just like watching a silent movie. She described the man and when I showed her a picture she confirmed it was him.

Please help.

Dream Interpretation by Amy

There are different reasons why someone else would dream a dream intended for you. One that came to mind as I read through your daughter’s dreams is that the message in the dream is important and that importance may have been lost had you been the dreamer. But since your daughter had the dreams, it caught your attention and you took steps to understand what the dreams were communicating.

The first dream is like an introduction. This man was your angel, not your daughter’s, so he simply introduced himself, let his presence be known to her, and gave her an indication about your relationship with him. The two of you hugged, suggesting a close relationship.

The second dream is where the main communication happens. It’s a very sweet dream with a loving message:

In dreams, a house usually represents the dreamer – their physical body, their personality, aspects of their inner self, etc… But in this case, it’s more likely that the house represents YOU, since he was your angel and it was a dream about you, and intended for you.

The man is showing you that there are parts of yourself that you haven’t taken care of. There may be areas of your life such as relationships, resentments, hurts, traumas, etc… that you would rather forget about. The house is old which suggests an area of your life that is in the past that has been ignored, pushed aside, or repressed.

There is also a garden which is unkept. Gardens represent your potential, that which lies inside of you, and all that you can become. However, just as a garden needs to be tended to and cared for in order to grow, so too do you need to nurture your abilities in order for them to become manifest in your life. The garden is uncared for and ignored, which suggests that you haven’t been nurturing yourself or your abilities. It takes a certain discipline to tend to the garden and the long grass suggests that you lack this discipline.

The man tells you he wants you to fix the house. Here, he’s telling you to work on yourself. Through the symbols of the house and the garden, he’s showing you that there are parts of yourself that you haven’t paid attention to, abilities that you haven’t grown. There’s more to you then you are currently expressing. The man, your Angel, is showing this to you and showing you what you have let those parts of yourself become. And he is definitely an angel because he is asking you to take care of yourself and “fix” the parts of yourself that are in need.

You know what these areas are. And if you don’t think you do, examine your life and look for places where you don’t take care of yourself. Look for areas of your life where you don’t follow your heart, or where you aren’t doing what you love. As you go through the different areas of your life, pay attention to the way your body feels. If you feel any tension or blockages when you think about a certain aspect of your life that is an indication that this is an area you need to work on. Start with these areas and look for ways to take care of yourself and nurture yourself. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with love. Your angel is looking out for you and wants you to be the best you you possibly can be.

Hope that helps.

Happy Dreaming,

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