Suffocating in a Bath Tub

By Chelsey; Atlanta, Georgia

I had a dream I was bathing some unknown little girl and she became upset with me for trying to bathe her and she attempted to suffocate me by wrapping the shower curtains around me and pushing me under the water. I would get back up and it was like I couldn’t see very well. There was fog everywhere and some guy appeared in the shower and was asking me was I alright and if I could see. When I tried to respond, the little girl pushed me back under water and I was struggling to get back up.

I’m 17 year old female

Dream Interpretation by Amy

The general theme of this dream is dealing with you overwhelming feelings connected with a situation from your childhood.

The dream opens with you bathing a little girl who then attempts to suffocate you. To best understand this dream, it’s important to keep in mind that all dreams characters represent you, an aspect of your personality, or something about yourself. So the little girl in the dream represents yourself as a young child.

The bath is a place for cleansing and cleaning. Dreams are symbolic so it doesn’t necessarily represent physical cleaning, but rather “cleaning” or “cleansing” yourself from difficult emotions, especially guilt.

This part of the dream is suggesting that sometime in your childhood you experienced a situation, event, etc… which was very difficult for you emotionally. The emotional pain was so strong that it still affects you to this day. Although you would like to rid yourself of these feelings and “cleanse yourself” from them, they are so overwhelming that you cannot do that.

The little girl gets upset with you for trying to bathe her. This suggests an attachment to your overwhelming feelings. They may be difficult for you to process or integrate into your life.
You get back up and cannot see. Not being able to see suggests that there is part of this situation connected to the overwhelming emotions which is not clear to you. There is something you don’t understand or are not consciously aware of.

Now see you a man who asks if you are alright and if you can see. This is a call for help – it suggests a need to reach out to someone to help you deal with whatever situation feels overwhelming. However, you are unable to respond to him, suggesting that you may not be ready to accept help at this point.

To understand the dream deeper: Examine your life, particularly your childhood. Did you have any experiences which were emotionally difficult or painful? What were those situations? How did you feel about the situation at the time and how do you feel about the situation now? What emotions come up? How does it feel in your body?

Answering these questions will help you to understand the underlying situation and feelings connected with the dream.

Hope that helps.

Happy Dreaming,

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