The Suspicious Feline

By Kori Russell; Dearborn Heights, MI, United States

My dream started out with me and the cat in my room. My mom came in and picked up the cat by its tail and threw it all the way outside from where she was standing as if it went through the door to outside. Then I found myself in the bathroom on the floor with the cat, hugging him/her then all of a sudden I felt what felt like a million bugs attacking the palm of my hands, I didn’t see the bugs. I pulled away and the cat was motionless I examined my hands and there were about 6 bumps with white heads on each of my palms.

Then I woke up, my hands felt numb and I felt vibrations in my palms like it really happened. I like cats and now I’m scared to encounter them or anything with fur. When I woke and went about I kept hearing the word cat on everything. Phone, radio, TV, etc…

Dream Interpretation by Amy

There’s no need to be afraid of cats or other furry creatures, especially if you like them! Dreams are symbolic so the cat didn’t actually give you bumps on your palms. One explanation for your hands feeling numb and like they were vibrating when you woke up, is that you may have been sleeping on them or positioned in a way that cut off circulation to your hands.

Quite often whatever is happening around you or in your physical body while you sleep gets incorporated into your dreams. Have you ever dreamt of music playing only to wake up and realize the radio is on? Or have you ever dreamt of going to the bathroom, only to wake up and realize you actually have to go to the bathroom? Both of these are common dream experiences and are nothing to worry about. This can easily explain bumps on your hands in the dream – you unconsciously felt your hands falling asleep and incorporated the sensation into your dream.

Now, let’s look at the dream. The general theme of this dream is about love, care, and affection.

At the beginning of the dream you are in your room with a cat. Cats are a wonderful source for physical affection and physical contact. So dreaming of a cat represents care, affection, nurturing, love, and warm feelings. You are in your bedroom, which is a private and personal space. In dreams the bedroom suggests intimacy, closeness, love, caring, and friendship. So the dream opens by showing you something about yourself and your desires: specifically it shows you your need for love, care, affection, closeness, warmth, etc… This sets the stage for the rest of the dream.

Now your mother comes in, picks the cat up by its tail, and throws it outside. This is not a kind way to treat a cat, and could even be seen as cruel. This scene can be understood in two different ways. On a symbolic level, dreaming about “mother” represents your own struggles to grow into your own person and gain independence from your mother. But, this struggle may not come without a price – the way your mother treated the cat in the dream suggests a disregard or “throwing” away of the qualities associated with the cat. In your desire to grow and be your own person you may have forgotten to care for and about others.

The second way to look at this part of the dream has to do with your relationship with your mother. It may be lacking in care, affection, and closeness. Or it may not be as close as you would like it to be. Examine your relationship with your mother in your waking life and the way the two of you interact. The dream may be pointing out a weak spot in your relationship.

Now, you find yourself on the bathroom floor hugging the cat. The bathroom is an extremely private place, so dreaming of the bathroom represents your need for privacy. It also represents having time to yourself just to be yourself without having to worry what others think of you, or without having to do what others expect you to do. It’s a place where you can let your guard down and just be.

In this private space, you hug the cat. Hugging is expression of intimacy, caring, and affection. It suggests a desire bring the qualities of the cat towards you – so this act suggests a desire for love, affection, caring, warmth, acceptance, and belonging in your life.

Now you feel like there are bugs on your hands and when you pull away you see bumps with white heads on your palms. Although, as we discussed above, the bumps probably came into your dream from a physical sensation that was already in your hands, there are any number of ways this sensation could have manifested itself in the dream. So, we’ll look at the bumps as they appeared in the dream.

The bumps on your hands suggest feelings of irritation. You may not have been aware of this feeling, or it may be appearing for the first time. The way they appeared in the dream indicates something that is just coming to your awareness. These feelings of irritation could be in connection with your desire for love and affection (based on the cat). It also may be in connection with your need for privacy and to be able to express your inner most self (based on being in the bathroom). The two are not mutually exclusive, so the irritation could easily come from both areas as well.

To go deeper into the meaning of this dream: Look at how you express love, warmth, and closeness. Examine your relationship with your friends and your family. Are you close with your friends and family? Are you as close as you would like to be? What does it mean to you be loved and cared for? How are love, nurturing, and care expressed in your family? How do you express love? Look at your relationship with your mother. How do you express your independence from her and how does she react? What irritates you? Is there anything bothering you that is festering or that you’re unable to express?

Hope that gives you some more insights into your dream.

Happy Dreaming,

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