Teeth Dreams – Why your teeth fall out

teeth dreams

Crumbling teeth.  Wiggling teeth.  Teeth falling out.  Removable teeth.  Missing teeth.  Teeth with holes. Dentures.  Melting teeth.

There are many variations on teeth dreams.  As with all the dreams in this series, most people will have this dream at least once.  Personally, I get this dream frequently; it’s one of my most common dream themes.

While any dream can be either literal or symbolic, teeth dreams in particular tend to be literal. We’ll look at both the literal and symbolic meaning of dreams about teeth.

Go to the Dentist

More than other types of dreams, teeth dreams tend to be literal.  That is, if you dream about your teeth, you may actually have a problem with your teeth.  This is even more likely to be the case if the dream is specific.

Recently, I dreamt about a hole at the top of one of my molars.  I went to the dentist and he found a small recession in the same tooth I dreamed about.  I acted on the dream and asked him to fill it as a preventative measure.

In this way, dreams serve as an early alert about potential problems.  By taking a small action on your dream now, you can save yourself from greater trouble in the future.

If you think your teeth dreams may be literal, it’s a good idea to go the dentist and have your teeth checked ♥

Fear of the Dentist

Many people hate going to the dentist.  If this is you, dreaming of your teeth could reflect your feelings about going to the dentist.  If you know you have an upcoming appointment, this dream could reflect your fears of dislike of the dentist.

Look at what happened to your teeth in the dream and pay attention to how you felt.  Do the feelings in the dream reflect the way you feel about the dentist?  What can you do to ease your anxieties?


On a symbolic level, teeth dreams often suggest feelings of anxiety. This is likely to be the case if you felt anxious or stressed about losing your teeth in the dream.

Connect the feelings in the dream with feelings in your waking life.  Where in your daily life do you feel the same way you did in the dream?  This connection can point to an area in your life where you are anxious.


Your smile {or lack thereof} can be one of your most noticeable features.   And having beautiful teeth adds just adds more beauty to your smile.

In this sense, teeth dreams point to your feelings about your self-image.  Dreaming of losing your teeth can suggest embarrassment or shame regarding some part of who you are.  It may point to your appearance, but also consider other areas like age, weight, or self-worth.

Peaceful Feelings

On the other hand, dreaming about beautiful white teeth can suggest feelings of assurance, contentment, or peace.  Look for areas in your life that mirror the dream.  What are you feeling peaceful about?

Taking Action on Teeth Dreams

If you suspect your dream could be literal, it’s a good idea to go to the dentist and have your teeth checked.

For symbolic teeth dreams, connect the feelings in the dream to similar feelings in your waking life to understand how the dream relates to you.  Use that as a starting point to take appropriate action.

Final Thoughts on Teeth Dreams

Teeth dreams, more than other type of dreams could be a literal dream.  If you suspect your dream might be a warning, go to the dentist!

On a symbolic level dreams of losing your teeth suggest feelings of anxiety.  Pay attention to how you felt in the dream and connect them to similar feelings in your waking life.

Your Turn, Dreamer

What dreams have you had about teeth?  Describe your dream and tell us what it showed you.  Comment below.

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  1. This is very insightful! I’ve always heard about falling teeth dreams but only recently had one myself, it was very unsettling! I like what you say about the symbolic aspect of it; the anxiety and feelings of self-worth in a waking life. It might mean, at least for me, a chance to deal with a long-buried experience the subconscious is offering up.

    Funny how when one makes sense of dreams it feels like a jigsaw puzzle falling instantly into place inside our heads!

    Much love!

    • Exactly! I love the jigsaw puzzle metaphor. That’s exactly how dreams work and why I find them so valuable :) Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Happy Dreaming,

  2. Should I go to the hospital due to teeth falling out and can’t eat or sleep
    What teeth I do have hurt like hell
    Can’t afford dentist bills. Got a lot of infection and been told it could eventually kill me.

    • It sounds like you are in need of medical care. Hospital sounds like it might be a good idea for you.

  3. Good Morning! Your article was truly helpful!! This isn’t the first time I’ve had teeth dreams. Each time I awake after a dream such as this I always feel my mouth praying it was only a nightmare. This particular time all my teeth came crumbling ALL at once. I was distraught and felt ugly which I am not conceited but I do like to feel pretty. It can be a little literal as I did have a dentist appointment a few months ago. But the Dr. Only found one new cavity. However I am one to worry so it definitely relates to anxiety. I believe something may be troubling me that is about to happen soon. I am connecting it to maybe moving with my boyfriend soon and I am 22. We have been dating a little over 2 years, but I guess I am concerned with my family more from a moral perspective. I am a woman of faith and who just graduated college a few days ago so I know I shouldn’t worry about others. Also I have a great boyfriend. Sorry for the long story but that’s my semi connection.

    • Good Evening! I’m glad you found the article helpful :) You’ve made some wonderful connections between your dream and your waking life. It sounds to me like you’ve pretty much got it figured out.

      It doesn’t seem like a literal dream to me as those are generally more specific (like showing you a cavity in a specific tooth). If this were my dream, I would also connect it with the situation of moving in with your boyfriend. I don’t know your beliefs, but sounds like it might be shocking for some of your family members or friends and possibly difficult to accept your choice. The dream is reflecting those anxieties with the imagery teeth crumbling – which can be understood as your “self-image” in the eyes of others crumbling.

      I would consider what about this situation causes me anxiety. For example, fear that my family will judge me, disown me, look down on me, etc… Then, I would get clear about what I’m doing and go within myself and see how *I* feel about it. Follow your heart and do what feels right to *you* – not what you think others would want you to do.

      Happy Dreaming,

  4. I’ve always had nightmares of my teeth falling out and have linked it back to nervousness or anxiety issues. But just now I woke up wit my heart pounding and my hand numb because I had it closed for some time I suppose. I dreamed that my bottom lip was swelling huge and was scaring me like crazy. I awoke to that feeling that your lips are dried and sealed shut and the feeling in my teeth took some time to feel normal again. I’ve had some pain associated with a filling I have and I noticed something of concern on the tooth next to it. It’s been on my mind but this was the final straw. I’m making an appointment as soon as morning arrives….and the office opens of course. I’m taking this as a warning not as symbolism.

    • Excellent! That’s a wonderful action to take on your dream :)

  5. Hey Amy,
    I had a dream last night that two of my teeth are decayed and falling out part by part but the interesting thing is that i found out a bit of gold parts in it…
    As falling of tooth is not good, but to see gold in dream is quite good……
    Can you please help me with that…??please

    • Teeth falling out isn’t necessarily bad to dream about. If this were my dream, I would wonder if there are any bits of “gold” as in gems or wisdom or learning. Sometimes when everything in our lives seem to be crumbling around us, that’s where we find the most value.

      Dreams are personal and can have different meanings for everyone. So, my suggestions here are general. I do offer 1-on-1 sessions where we can go into greater depth and decode the personalized meaning for you. Please contact me to take advantage of my $20 introductory special.

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  6. I was with a guy, don’t remember his face, but I was comfortable with him. I told him my front tooth was wiggling loose, he reached up and tapped my back tooth,next to my wisdom tooth (by the way I had those pulled this past January) i said not that one, and my tooth next to the front tooth dropped right out. I looked in a bright big mirror and was like o my God! I said CHEESE! ! with a huge smile and we both busted out laughing, it was so funny I look to funny with a missing tooth a black hole in between my pearly white big smile…seconds later after the LAUGHTER..the tooth he tapped dropped out my mouth into my hand..it was a big tooth with a lil blood brownish and saliva and it was not bright white like the others more dull white/brown.(mabe it was the blood) i woke up right after…. thinking what was that about..I new it ment some thing !. It was a funny LAUGHTER dream.. I called my husband told him my teeth on right side of my mouth dropped or fail out…he hadn’t a clue. …. so I’m searching on Google trying to find something. Hopefully I get it!!!!
    LaToya Lewis

    • I love that you were laughing in the dream and that you made a potentially scary (or disconcerting) situation into something fun. If this were my dream, I would understand this dream to be showing me not to take myself too seriously and to see the positive side of situations in my life.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  7. I’ve had different versions of this dream throughout my life. The last one was last night. All my teeth were crumbling/falling out. I kept having to spit them out, and there were tons of broken little bone bits that I couldn’t spit out, so they stayed stuck in my mouth no matter how much I tried to spit them out. And the more I tried to spit them out, the more teeth crumbled out. I think by the time my dream was done, the only teeth I had left were 2 of my front bottom teeth. I was soooo stressed through the entire dream. I was also working and trying to pretend nothing was wrong, yet I was holding my broken teeth in my hand, and there were so many. I smiled a toothless smile at someone and was embarrassed. Eventually I was brave enough to see the damage in my mouth in the mirror and I was all sad and stressed. I woke up stressed out, but very happy to still have my teeth. I’m thinking this dream is telling me I’m very stressed in life and I’m trying to pretend I’m not (very stressful job and there are major stressed in my homelife right now).

  8. October 8, 2015
    I’ve also been having falling out teeth dreams for as long as I can remember. I’ve had interesting connections with dentists. My in me was my dentist until he died when I was 17. It was comfortable to go to an uncle but also he was a stern guy, so it was anxiety provoking in that sense. But I was very sad when he died. Then I went on to a dentist who made disparaging remarks to me, unrelated to teeth. I literally got out of the chair , at age 18, and left. I found two more dentists. I found one to be quite pleasant but very disorganized. He was an old friend of my dad. I quit him and found another who I ended up having sex with right in the chair ! He then got married and it was uncomfortable so I found a wonderful dentist who I went to for decades. He just retired so I have a new one who I like. Last night ( I’m 63 now and divorced, no kids) I had another teeth dream. This time I’m somewhere like my shrink’s waiting room. All of the teeth on the left side of my mouth are gone ! They’ve fallen out. I thought I only lost a few but I lost so many ! I’m horrified. I show this to Mom snd Dad. Mom is pretty mellow. Dad, who is deceased in real life, reacts more normally. I’m very sad and upset about my teeth and how dreadful I look !!

  9. I have a reoccurring dream that my teeth are falling out and that they leave behind another tooth to grow in, but they are all askew and not lined up properly. I start to feel the tooth is loose with my tongue and before I know it, it’s in my hand and fell out like a boulder falling down a mountain. My husband is always in this dream and there are spiritual conotations, I tend to lean more towards anything other than god, I’m more involved in the spirit of nature and water and even those that have passed in my life. In the past four months I lost my father and the cat I adopted that saved my life. Both were large parts of my life. The cat, having lost her less than two weeks ago, is still a very sensitive topic. Add the holidays and it makes a perfect milkshake of emotional distress. But the teeth, that’s been going on for a while. And it takes me a second when I wake up to realize they are not gone, that I have a full set still. As a side note, I’m always losing the teeth when I am looking in a mirror. And I have position the idea that I’ve lost a tooth to my husband as a very serious topic. But Last night, I lost almost all of my front teeth. And I was a surface water dancer. I bent at the ankles and was able to sweep across the water so effortlessly and gracefully and then arch my back up and come back to the audience and twist left and right with grace and poise and my feet never left the surface of the ground. But I lost my teeth.

  10. I had a dream where I had bright shining white teeth in perfect health and I am smiling in the dream too.
    Help me with its interpretation.

  11. I 100% agree that falling teeth are literal…I wish I took my dreams seriously 15 years ago…Now I have many of my teeth due to unstoppable dental caries :-(

  12. I had a dream about my mum her tooth was shaken and bleed but when i ask her what happen she told me that she fall down after carrying a big heavy basket. i need the right interpretation for my dream

  13. I dreamt the other day that I was licking my teeth and like they were going to fall so I started touching them they were so loose I started to yank them it was alot of teeth in front of a mirror I yanked maybe like 6 teeth and I was really scarred I do believe I’m anxious I’m a lucid dreamer not the first time but this scenerio had me scarred to the point I woke up after and touched my teeth to see if they were there.. stay lucid everyone!