The Last Carton of Eggs

4 eggs, 8 yolks

“Everything that enters our field of perception means something, large or small. Everything speaks to us if we will take off our headphones and hear a different sound track. Everything corresponds. We travel better in the forest of symbols when we are open and available to all the forms of meaning that are watching and waiting for us.”   

~ Robert Moss, The Three “Only” Things

Are you attuned to the synchronicity of your life?  There are no coincidences. Everything… everything… {EVERY THING} is meaningful.  That is the way of the Dreamer.

Last Saturday, my husband and I stopped by our favorite health food co-op for some quick shopping.  Having been hiking all morning we were famished and eager to get home and eat.  In the name of efficiency, we split up the work – he was in charge of filling our bottles with 15 gallons of filtered water, while I picked up the groceries.

Eggs.  We eat them every morning and go through them so quickly they’re pretty much a constant on my grocery list.  And this particular store happens to sell my husband’s favorite brand: Stiebrs Farm JUMBO eggs.

With my hands already full with groceries, I came to the eggs.  The cooler was full of them – organic eggs, omega-3 eggs, large eggs, extra-large eggs, white eggs, brown eggs, 6 packs, 18 packs, single eggs…

And in the midst of all those eggs, there was a gaping hole where the Stiebrs Farm Jumbo eggs belonged.  A single carton sat in the conspicuous gap.  I went over to the carton, curious as to why the other shoppers passed it over.

Juggling the almond milk, bananas, and tea I was already carrying in my arms, I opened the last carton of eggs and immediately understood why no one had taken it: there was one broken egg.

My first thought was to close the lid and get a different carton.  But that would mean getting a different brand.  And there were 11 perfectly intact eggs.  So instead of leaving the last carton on the shelf, I removed the offending egg and replaced it with one of the single eggs.  There. Problem. Solved.

And the magic was just beginning…


Sunday morning rolls around and I’m making scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I remove my carton of Stiebrs jumbo eggs from the refrigerator and crack one into a bowl.  To my amazement it has a double yolk.

“Cool,” I think, with a twinge of excitement. I crack another egg.  To my surprise, it’s another double yolk.  My smile widens and my curiosity piques… A Double Double.  I crack one more.  Yes – you guessed it – it’s a third double yolk.  A Triple Double.

In this moment I’m feeling the magic.  In a desire to keep the magic of three eggs, six yolks alive I take a photo and scramble my eggs.

Monday morning arrives and I’m making eggs for breakfast.  Today, we’re having sunny-side up.  I reach for my pack of Jumbo eggs and crack the first egg into the skillet.

My heart leaps as a double yolk spills onto the hot frying pan. This is too cool for school.  I call for husband to come and look.  I crack another egg.  Double double.  I pull out the next egg.  Triple Double.  One more egg…  Quadruple Double.

I’m batting 1000. Seven for seven double yolks.  I’m lit up with the magic of what is happening.  I’m so excited I can’t contain myself.

We use this carton for two more meals – all-in-all we have a total of TEN double-yolk eggs in the pack.

There are no coincidences, everything has meaning.  There are two questions I carry with me and I’d like to share them with you now:

  • What is this showing me?
  • What is this teaching me?

There is a lesson in everything and the Universe is full of magic.  Had I left the last carton on the shelf, I would have missed this magical moment.  Had I been deterred by the broken egg, I would have missed this magical moment.

Magic is everywhere, all around us, all the time.  We find magic in the most mundane and ordinary moments.  We find magic when we’re least expecting it, in the most unexpected places.

The Universe is alive and speaking to us in every moment.  All we need to do is tune in and listen.  Magic is everywhere.

It’s Your Turn, Dreamer

I always love to hear from you.   Where is magic showing up in your life?  Share your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Magic indeed. Love it. Thank you for sharing the magic.

  2. That was really cool, the only thing I can think of is when I’m outside walking my dog I get to tap into the magic of nature, I have a total connection to the Hawks, and Crows, 2 new birds came in last year the Raven. I love seeing the cats there truly magically, especially when I keep seeing them. Rabbits, and Raccoons and all the neighborhood canines. I get my messages and implement them in to my life. That’s it, and I love it lol !

    • Nature is full of magic! I love that you honor the messages nature has for you :)

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  3. I love it and it brings up something that just happened to me that I would love to share ….I am in the middle of a conference of 1500 passionate organic farmers in Monterey ..most of them stating on site in the beautiful sprawling grounds of this conference center on Monterey Bay …there feels like so much magic and promise in the air at every session and everyone greets each other with these big wide open grins as we pass each other or join a line together…so to my story….I have a favorite hat that means a lot to me from where and when in my life I got it….I left it under my seat in this enormous packed cafeteria that seats over 500 folks at once the other night…the next morning, as I start wending my way through the early morning dark to the breakfast area, this woman comes out of the dark and stops and looks at me and says I found your hat and it is at lost and found. I marveled at this amazing coincidence and the guy at lost and found said I was extremely lucky to get my hat back. The next day, in another packed session that was full of people sharing their love and their stories…I …sigh….once again leave it under my chair as I get up and am so engrossed in the folks around me…I race back a few minutes later and it is gone…I say to myself ahhh, I guess it must be time we part ways…the next day I make a last minute decision to change the session I was going to …and when I am getting up to leave that room at the end I turn around and there is surprisingly in this packed room, an empty seat behind me ….my hat is the sole occupant! I feel this little sprinkling of magic is serving to remind me that magic is all around us! It certainly feels like that here….
    Thanks Amy for your great work!

    • Beautiful! I { love } that story! Thanks so much for sharing. Magic is all around us.

      ~ Amy xo