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  • To bridge the gap between understanding your dreams and actually using them as creative force in your life

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  1. Hi Amy
    Thanks for the video, I’m not to sure where I should start, I’m 54 years old and as far back as 2 yrs of age I can remember my dreams . It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started to interpret my dreams. From 2008 thru 2011 I had and met my Teachers, the first one stayed for 3 years he was a Native Indian Shaman, I’ve met the High Priestess, The Rasta’s, Pundits . I’ve Astral Projected and met the Master Descendant, had to go to a Medium for that one lol.

    I know most of my Air, Land, Sea Totems, I do have precognitive dreams, I get intuitive hits, I understand the Psychological aspects of the dream, if I do get reoccuring dreams my task is to figure out what I’m not getting.

    I just find for myself, my dreams and how it is presented to me is my gift from God.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Lori,

      Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback. It sounds like you have quite a lot of experience in the dream world! That’s wonderful :) I too try to figure out what it is I’m not getting or not doing when I have reoccurring dreams.

      To clarify about the teachers you met – did they come to you in your dreams or are they waking life teachers?

      Happy Dreaming,

      • Hi Amy
        My Teachers came through dream state, what I do know is this, the Higher Self often presents itself in dreams as a character who appears to have knowledge of magical practices or similar types of knowledge. It is as though we can only become aware of this deeper knowledge by meeting our Teacher first.


        • Hi Lori,

          I’ve also received some great teachings from characters with magical powers. Thanks so much for sharing :)

          – Amy xo

    • I am interested in both understanding my drams and using this knowledge to help my life. Thanks Im looking forward to the whole process. Vanessa

      • Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback… you’ll definitely learn both of those – that’s what I’m all about :)

      • Hi I am having difficulty in remembering my dreams ..i have always had nightmares from a child so was wanting to learn interpreting them and how to further my dreams for life knowlege ..i have strong intuition when it comes to everyday living and also have healing and empathy very strong when I enter a room full of people I feel their feelings and sence most peoples vibes ..thanks

        • Hey Chelsea,

          Thanks so much for getting in touch! It’s wonderful that you have a strong intuition in your everyday life. Dreaming is one way to get even more in touch with those intuitive, healing, and empathetic parts of yourself.

          I have some great tips for remembering more dreams. This post is a great place to start for that. And you’re in luck because next week I’ll be hosting a webinar on Nightmares. I’m guessing you’re already on my mailing list, but if you found this post and are not on my list, you can sign up here, and I’ll send you more details about that.

          I’m currently running a free Video Training Series on how to understand your dreams. I think you could benefit from that as well – In it I share with you some of my best tips for understanding and using your dreams in your life. And next week, I’ll be opening enrollment for my Dream into Life Immersion Program, where I teach you everything to understand and use your dreams in your life.

          For now, you can check out the training series here.

          Sweet dreams,
          Amy xo

    • Hi really would like to understand my dream and to know what the dreams about my husband coming home means. We are separated now for two months he says he no longer wants to be married anymore he is in GA. I’m now in AL. He want talk to me he says mean things about me and I was a great wife we have no kids so I really want to know what those dreams mean

    • What does it mean when I have these reoccurring dreams adult being at the beach and constantly being pulled in by the undertow and not being able to go back to land and every time I finally get out of the water and getting pulled back in and almost drowning I have to keep running to get away from the water when I get out other ways I get pulled back in again I also get shark dreams I also used to get these recurring nightmares about being in a public pool and my sister was the only one there with me and the water was poisonous and a dolphin was there in the water and if you went in the water you would go blind and my sister fell in I was scared and I saw her looking up at me drowning and I was trying to pull her out and I couldn’t and then I woke up scared

      • Dreams about the ocean (and water in general) are often about emotions. Ocean dreams are particularly about unconscious/deep emotions. If this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m feeling overwhelmed in some area of my life – if I feel like I’m struggling or trying to run away/escape from some deep seeded emotions. Potentially unconscious.

        Pools have the same spiritual significance as oceans, except that they are confined. So if this were my dream, I would wonder if I’m feeling confined or caged in in some area of my life. Like I’m not able to fully express myself as much and as deeply as I want to or could. This could tie in with the water being poison – as in the confinement is symbolically “poison” in your life.

        Sweet dreams,
        Amy xo

  2. Hi Amy!

    I am very interested in communicating better with my Spirit Guides through my dreams to receive more clear guidance and magnify my role as a Lightworker. I do get messages from them from time to time ~ especially during the day if I take a nap! I have other abilities to communicate with them, but dreams seem very powerful to me but yet I struggle at times to recall them. I have educated myself with some of your tips so I will begin practicing them now to see if it helps. I also hope to learn how to communicate with my family on the other side!! :) Thank YOU so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks so much for the reply! Communicating with Spirit Guides and loved ones on the other side are two topics that I’m passionate about too. I’m so glad to hear from you because I’ve been avoiding these topics cause I didn’t know anyone was interested! Thanks so much :)

      Happy Dreaming,

  3. Currently I am focused on understanding who I am and why I’m here. I want to interpret my dreams to help me figure who I am and what my future aholds for me

    • Wonderful aspirations :) You’re dreams can definitely help you understand more about yourself, your purpose here in this lifetime, and your gifts. I’m getting ready to start a dream interpretation immersion program. I think might really benefit from that – we’ll go into everything you need to start understanding and working with your dreams. You can find more details here. Would love for you to join.

      Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  4. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the video.

    When I was a child, I had the most amazing dreams all the time. Then I became a teenager, and the dreams stopped and they stopped until this day. I am 50 years old now, and I feel really sad about this. Every now and then, truth be told, I do dream a little; very short, and about things I can virtually never remember.

    Some years ago, I found out about the concept of lucid dreaming and I really liked the idea. However, considering how infrequently I have dreams that I’m aware of, what hope is there for me?

    I was wondering:

    1. Is there any reason why the wonderful experiences of my childhood should no longer be there?
    2. Is there anything I could do, to significantly increase the chance of dreaming?
    3. I’ve had my fair share of problems – not addictions, but problems with illness in my family and trying to find my place in life – so, is it possible that these facts somehow shut down my ability to dream?!
    4. As it is, I have been having trouble sleeping for many years now. Luckily, there are still many good nights throughout any given year, but there’s no telling beforehand what kind of night I’m going to get.

    I think this should be addressed before I could ever hope to get into lucid dreaming.

    Best regards,
    Antônio (the Netherlands)

    • Hi Antonio,

      Great questions. It’s a common problem for people not to remember their dreams, and fortunately, it can be remedied. To answer your questions:

      1) There could be a variety of reasons why you remembered your dreams as a child and now have stopped. Children are natural dreamers and it’s quite common to lose the dreaming as you get older. One reason for this could be that you stopped giving dreams importance, or fell into the trap that “dreams are not important” as much of Western culture likes to tell us. I suggest you start deliberately paying attention to your dreams and making a point of recalling them. Start writing them down. Drinking alcohol, caffeine, smoking cannabis, or taking certain prescriptions can also interfere with dreaming. And if you’re not sleeping, that will definitely affect your ability to recall your dreams.

      2) Yes. Check out my tips on how to remember your dreams and how to remember MORE dreams (up to 5 – 6 in ONE night)

      3) Possibly. Your dreams show you what’s going on in your life and if you’re not ready to face your problems, you might subconsciously suppress your dreams.

      4) Check out my tips on how to sleep better.

      The only real prerequisite to lucid dreaming is the ability to recall your dreams. Otherwise, you may have a lucid dream, but forget before you wake up.

      Hope that helps. Sweet dreams,
      Amy xo

  5. hi ma’am,am having difficulties understanding some of my dreams, also ends up confused atimes, is there a way of gaining control of my self in dreamland? regards, hm

      • many thanks, I didn’t mean lucid dreaming, what i ment is are there ways one can take control in dream land?

  6. Hi Amy –
    I have my dreams usually around 6 – 7 AM these days.
    Recently I dreamed I was flying above Manhattan and Long Beach. I would stand on the street and wait for some wind and flap my arms like a bird and then be able to fly. I was doing this repeatedly in a dream last week.
    I had to fly over Long Breach because I left my handbag at the beach. I never found the purse in the dream.
    I used to dream about flying a lot and it has been quite a while since I had one of these dreams.
    I do enjoy flying. It is very freeing and fun to escape the NYC crowds. LOL.
    Anyway, what does flying mean and what does flying over an ocean mean?
    Thanks a lot!

    • What beautiful dreams! Have a look at my post on Flying dreams for more on what these could be showing you :)

      Sweet Dreams,
      Amy xo

  7. hi, i had a dream a few nights ago me, my mother and sister was on a boat trip, just taking a boat ride for the day and we came across about 50 to 100 big black bags of money it had to been at least 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 million.. so we started to count it and my mom said she was going to call my brother so she did, in no time he came and she were counting the money… a cousin and a friend of mines came he tried to get my fired from a job but i quit so i told him you see how God works you tired to get me fired but you know whats heres a 250,000 i just want you see and look at it for a moment, am not giving you it but just know what goes around comes around now give it back..he tried to explain but i said i dont wanna hear it and the dream ended…i almost had a dream a few nights ago where where i found 47 dollars and two twin babies…i almost had a dream the other night that me and my uncle was on a boat it was a calm day and came to this island but it was more like two big rock and there was party going on a woman was asking some questions cant really remember what she said but we went into a cave where they were jumping off a cliff and it wa a big rock in the water so i climb up and was about to jump but was heading for the rocks but i manage to push myself over so more in the water it was deep and blue so when i hit the water i went deep down and for my rolex ring was on the rock so i came out the water it was like deja vu i reverse out the water back on the rock and jump back off the rock i just did but in a reverse way!!! can you explain all the dreams about finding money and all the dreams about water? thanks