What Does your Dream Want? A Ted Talk with Craig Webb

what does your dream want

We often try to interpret or analyze our dreams.  We ask, “what does this dream mean?”  But what if there was a better question.   Instead, what if you asked, what does your dream want?

This question lies at the heart of my understanding of dreams.  There’s much more to dreams than simply figuring out what they mean.  Understanding the symbolism of dreams is important, but it’s not enough.  Dreams are a call to action.

In this Ted Talk, dream researcher and lucid dreaming pioneer Craig Webb, explores the question, “What does your dream want?”

Craig’s Story: An NDE Leads to New Dreaming Abilities

After a Near Death Experience (NDE) while white water rafting, Craig Webb discovered he had a new ability.  Before his NDE, Craig was not a dreamer.  He barely remembered one dream a month.  This all changed after his NDE.  Now he recalls TEN dreams each night.

His newfound abilities didn’t stop with dream recall.  He soon discovered he also had pre-cognitive (psychic) dreams and spontaneous lucid dreams.

From Passive Observer to Active Participant

Craig’s new dreaming abilities gave him much to ponder.   Western dream interpretation focuses on analyzing dreams to discover what they mean.  This is a necessary step in the dreaming process, but it falls short.

The focus on dream analysis ignores the traditional view that dreams require action.  Through his experiences, Craig learned that dreams are in fact a call to action.  He invites the listener to ask, “What does your dream want?”

Asking this question takes you from passive observer to active participant.  And that is what dreams are all about – actively using them in your life.  Your dreams are an invitation to co-create a life you love.

Your dreams are a guide.  They show you what you need to know.  And yes, they do want something from you.  They want you to act.   If you are aware enough to follow their guidance, they will literally open doors you didn’t even know existed.

What Does Your Dream Want?

Dreams provide high-level guidance.  They show you what gifts you have and what potential you offer the world.  Through your dreams you can access deep and long-forgotten parts of yourself. Dreams are grand teachers.

But they have limitations too.  Your dreams cannot create your reality for you.  Only you can do that.

That’s where dreams become your co-creative partner.   When you sincerely ask, “What does this dream want from me?” and then act on the answer, magic happens.  Dreams provide direction and guidance; you get to fill in all the fun details and live the experience.

Turn Your Dreams into a Life You Love

This Ted Talk embodies my message about dreams.   It’s not enough to understand the meaning of your dream – you need to act on it.

Dreams provide massive insights into you and your life.  First, you have to understand them.  That’s where dream interpretation is so important.  But it’s not enough.   You have to act on your dreams to truly get the most value from them.

I like the metaphor of cooking a gourmet meal:  You spend five hours in the kitchen, lovingly slaving over your meal.  You have appetizers, a salad course, entrée, dessert, and wine pairings.  It’s a meal fit for a king.

{That’s your dream and your analysis of it.}

Then, you throw your gourmet meal in the garbage bin.

{That’s what happens to your dream if you don’t act on it.}

Insight without action is useless.  Don’t waste the precious gifts that are your dreams.  They are in your life for a reason.  It’s up to you to honor those gifts by acting on them.

Truly, they point the way to a life you will love ♥

Dreams as Time Management

One of the central themes in Craig’s talk is that acting on your dreams is an effective way to manage your time.  The reason for this is simple – dreams provide guidance.  They show you what needs to be done next.  Follow their guidance and you’ll save the hassle of trial and error, or of making a “rational” decision that isn’t aligned with who you are.

This Website is the Result of a Dream

Acting on my dreams has been part of my dream practice for a long time.  In fact, this website is the result of asking what my dream wants.  And because of it, my life has been deeply enriched.

I am able to share my passion with thousands of dreamers every month.  And through the process of sharing, I deepen my own understanding which in turn gives me more to share.

I am living testament that asking, “What does your dream want?” is a powerful way to engage with life and turn your nightly dreams into a life you love.

It’s your turn, Dreamer

What does your dream want?  I’d love to hear your stories about how acting on your dreams has benefited your life.  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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