White Wedding

By Asia Poindexter; Columbia, TN

Ok, here’s really all I can remember: it was me and my sister (she passed away 4 years ago) we were in a church, but not in the sanctuary. She was about to get married she was wearing a huge white wedding dress and it was beautiful. We were standing in this room right on the other side of the entrance door, and there was the sanctuary door right in front of us. I remember talking to her for a few minutes before she left and went into the sanctuary.

After that I didn’t see her anymore in the dream, I can’t remember what I was talking to her about but when she left I started thinking, no that wasn’t her it couldn’t have been, she’s dead (basically in denial that I’d just talked to her I guess) but I know I was certain it was her I talked to.

Anyways after I had those thoughts, I noticed a mirror in the room me and her were in. I was now the only person in the room and it was dead silent. I couldn’t hear birds chirping outside or anyone in the sanctuary. So I walked up to the mirror and noticed I was now wearing a big white dress. When I saw that I kinda backed away and reached up and touched my face, then woke up.

I don’t know what to make of this, can you please help? Thanks~

Dream Interpretation by Amy

In the spiritual sense, dreams are real. They are as real as anything that happens in your waking life. They have their own dimension where they literally take place. You may have heard this referred to as Dreamtime or the Dream World. The idea that dreams are real is hard for many Westerners to understand because we have mostly been conditioned to believe that dreams are not real and in many cases to completely dismiss their validity.

That said there’s a lot we collectively don’t understand about existence and the nature of the Universe. Science uses its own methods to prove itself and unfortunately doesn’t account for anything that doesn’t fall within a predetermined space. Spirituality, on the hand, predates modern science by tens of thousands of years. The ancients understood the significance of dreams and that they exist in a realm of their own.

That was a bit of background to get to my point, which is this: The dream you had about your sister was literally a meeting with her in the Dreamtime. She came to visit you, or you went to visit her and the two of you had a meeting.

If this is a new idea for you or hard to wrap your head around, the dream actually addresses this when you start thinking that you couldn’t have just met with her because she’s dead. Even in the dream state, your mind is rationalizing away the experience. Most likely this is due to conditioning from society and other people’s beliefs. But you did recognize that you were in denial about talking to her, so if this is hard for you to make sense of, understand that on some level, you know what is true.

I also have dreams like this – visits from my mother who also died about 4 years ago. I hadn’t dreamt about her in a while, so recently I asked to have a dream about her and that night I had a semi-lucid dream where I met her and hugged her.

If you enjoy meeting your sister in your dreams, this is something you can do as well. The simplest way to do this is to set your intention before you fall asleep to dream about your sister. As you lie in your bed with your eyes closed, give yourself the suggestion that you will dream about your sister. Say (silently) something like, “Tonight I will dream about my sister.” There’s no need to be strict or rigid, a gentle suggestion will suffice. Repeat your intention until you fall asleep.

This technique works, though not always in the way that is expected. Sometimes when I do this, I don’t actually meet my mother – but I get a dream that sheds light on our relationship, so look out for symbolic dreams as well.

I find it very special that we can meet loved ones who have transitioned in the dream world.

Happy Dreaming,

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